3rd times a charm

Sarah • #1 March 2019, ttc #2

Hey everyone, wanted to share with you my chart and tests. I know when I was ttc I loved looking at other people’s to see if mine matched up.

Once again, while ttc#2 I got pregnant in the 3rd month! Same exact thing last year. I really wasn’t sure that this would be my month. We didn’t have sex much (hubby was traveling out of town), my temps were all over the place, and I’m still nursing my 8 month old. But we did it!

Here is my chart so you can compare...

Also the morning of 10dpo (yesterday) I had a stark white negative test. But for some reason I just felt like I was pregnant. So I took another test last night and got the faaaaaaaintest line!!

Took an frer this morning and a clearblue digital tonight! I’d say it’s for real!!

Now I’m kind of freaking out know my babes will only be 15.5 months apart! But I’m also sooooo excited to be pregnant again. I loved every minute of my last pregnancy and can’t wait to do it again!

Best of luck everyone! Baby dust to all!