Advice on talking to SO

So my significant other and I just had a baby, she’s 2 months old

We both agreed that the first year I’d be a stay at home mom to watch our daughter, and start online college classes.

My boyfriend does insulation, his job is completely flexible, if he last minute needs a day off he just lets his boss know and usually he’s understanding. He leaves for work at 7, most days he’s back around 2-4 if the jobs a flop sometimes 11-12 his work days are hardly ever too to long.

I agreed on being a stay at home mom while he’s working, but I didn’t agree for him to basically act as a baby sitter when he is around...

I’ll notice that he’ll wait for me to do anything that has to do with the baby first, unless people are over. Some days go by and I’ll realize he hasn’t fed her or changed her not even once, he gets extremely frustrated when he does and mentions “you kept us up all night” but I’ve been up with her every night by myself since she’s been born. He’ll just tell people in conversation that the baby kept him up all night and he’s exhausted, but he sleeps every night while I’m up for hours on end with her. He’ll go to bed around 9-11pm. And now it’s really starting to bother me. He’ll bother me all day to have sex, he’ll stay up later and everything but if she’s being cranky he’ll flip out and go to bed but won’t help calm her down. The other day we were literally in the middle of it, she started crying he said nvm dude it’s not happening, got his shit back on and went to sleep.

I’ll ask him to make her a bottle and ask if he can feed her and he’ll try to be slick and hand me the bottle. Or if he’s in the middle of feeding her I’ll realize he’ll ask me to take her real so he can run to the bathroom and then spend 20 minutes in the bathroom.

Like i can feel my blood boiling and I’m started to have a LOT of anxiety over it.

I’ve completely isolated myself and I’ve had a few panic attacks over the last few weeks. Our daughters colic so I’m with her hours on end by myself everyday while she just screams non stop. I’m a clean freak and have extremely bad OCD and there’s days where I don’t even get to shower, or do the dishes or clean or even eat. I haven’t eaten for three days how stressed I’ve been. Every time i try to eat she freaks out. She had a melt down tonight the second I laid down to rest and i started nearly crying, she’s been freaking for the last 2 days straight and he told me he’d finally watch her for the night and i can lay down and go to sleep. Obviously couldnt with her screaming.. he just swaddled her and put her in her rocker and walked out of the room and let her cry... i picked her right back up extremely frustrated. He grabbed his blanket and went to the bedroom and locked the door. (We’ve been sleeping in the living room on the couch the last few nights) but REALLY WTF!!! How do i approach this. I’m losing my sanity. I have no life at all. I don’t go out ever, this girl is attached to my hip.