Sweet baby girl is here. Birth story!!


Wednesday had a cervix check, 0cm dilated.

Thursday had some light cramping and mucus plus loss. Used my haaka pump for a very short time, bounced on my ball, drank tea, ate dates.

Thursday 11-12 PM Woke up on and off with groin pains

Friday 12:30-6:30 AM Had contractions very inconsistantly. Went from chunks of 20 mins apart, to 7, to stopped for an hour. Took two showers, ate, drank water. Tried to not wake my husband up with my crying thinking it was prodromal labor again. Contractions were not like period cramps, y'all! These were straight up someone trying to cut my legs off pain.

6:30 Called the dr to explain what's been going on. As it was my second and I was in so much pain she was very stern about me getting to the hospital once the contractions started again even if not 5 min apart.

7:30 Fought with husband because he wanted to know if it was real labor or just gas pains (he was in biiig trouble). Started to get ready to go in case we needed to.

8:30 Headed to the hospital with contractions 7 min apart and our 2 year old in tow. In between contractions I was laughing and talking.

9 arrived at the hospital. Got out of the car and had a contraction, husband made me laugh during it and I peed my pants.

Got checked in I was a 3. They said I was obviously in labor. They left me in TRIAGE for an HOUR laboring because they couldn't get a hold of the doctor?? I think they were BSing. My husband called our office and told them I needed and epidural now. I was not coping well with contractions, they were 2 min apart. I traumatized my poor son with my crying and yelling.

10:15 Finally moved to a room was 5-6 cm (progressed this much in 45 min).

10:45 startrd to feel pressure with contractions, they needed to get my labs done before the epidural. Checked me, 9 CM! Said it may be too late for the epidural, I convinced them to try anyway.

Got the epidural, it worked thank the Lord.

11:05 time to push.

11:15 Baby girl arrived!! It all happened so quickly her face was very bruised and swollen.

(I went from 3-9 in about 90 minutes. Holy heck ladies, what a wild ride!!)