been up since 3 am normally sleeps till 7:30


My son normally sleeps from 7:30-7:30. This morning he was up at 3 😭 hoping it's just a fluke. He was just ready for the day lol not crying or anything, just wanted to play. We bed share with him so I pretended like I was sleeping but it didnt work 😭 he was super snuggly though. Was hoping my husband could take him so I could have some extra sleep as he's off on weekends but nope. so i took my son to his playroom, i went to make a cup of coffee and came back to a poop splotion all over him and the carpet. Ugh what a great start to my day 😭 We took a long bath, had breakfast and now we are back to playing. hes getting tired though. hopefully mama can get some more sleep in a bit 😅

at least hes cute