Bleeding at week 14??? Concern?


So 2 nights ago my husband and I fooled around. I have been bleeding ever since. There is no pain, there is no cramping- just yesterday I woke up with bright red blood, then it got darker throughout the day (presumably old). This morning (day 2) I woke up with less blood but still ebough to cover the TP. It was not as bright but it was not brown either.

My dilemma is, my ER said always come in if more blood appears. My issue? My OBGYN doesnt see it as a concern. They told me as long as there is no pain, then do not worry. I am torn... I cant afford a second ER visit. I will go if I feel pain. I just wonder what is officially causing this. I wish I hadnt fooled around- I put myself on pelvic rest (we didnt even have sex). uhg!