Kenna • CNA 👩🏼‍⚕️ bfp 04/02/19 - due 12/19 💙 TPMS born 11/16/2019 🌈 surprise bfp 02/08/20 Mom to my angel baby Koi and 3 cats 💕 Endometriosis, hypothyroid, hashimoto, inflammatory arthritis & connective tissue disorder

36w4d. Came in at midnight for induction. I was 2cm at 2am. They started Pitocin, still not feeling many contractions (haven’t been able to feel any majority of my pregnancy even though I’ve been having them). Doctor is coming around 7/8 to break my water. Can’t believe this is happening! I’m terrified for labor but can’t wait to meet my little man.💙

Im being induced due to cholestasis & chronic hypertension.