First time doing IVF- Need some info


Ok ladies here it is:

We are starting our first <a href="">IVF</a> cycle this month. We plan on doing the egg retrieval then suppression with lupron. After a few months of suppression we will hopefully do an FET. Here are my questions though. I am 38. I have an AMH of 1.04. I do not have any issues on getting pregnant just staying that way. My daughter was born healthy and I conceived naturally when I was 35. In April our son was stillborn at 20 weeks. No genetic issues or abnormality. After that we went to an RE. Turns out I have adenomyosis. I have been suppressed on lupron and now the adenomyosis is under control. I only have one ovary and have never had any issues with ovulation. Does anyone have a story similar? I'm worrying we won't have any eggs or embryos. Is there any hope with just one ovary and is your AMH lower if you just have one ovary?