Anyone know if there’s an abandonment law in nj? My ex husband hasn’t seen our daughter since January because he ran off with his wife’s friend He has three kids with his wife who he’s been separated from since January as well. The girl he’s with has six kids and is still married as well. Hes tried filing against me in court but has been denied twice and I haven’t heard a peep since August. Thank god! (My daughter is much better off without him) she’ll be 9 in March and in 2014 he up and left for 10 months before his family pulled him back in. Now after being with the girl with six kids for a year. He has now possibly impregnated an 18 year old and is now living with her and her father. Mind you. He’s almost 30! My daughter doesn’t and hasn’t asked about him at all. I want to go for sole custody. But my fiancé thinks that’ll open a door to him trying to get unsupervised visitation and to just leave it as it is for now. He wants me to change her last name to his since we’ll be married in less than 2 years but I know my ex would never sign off on that. My first step is getting sole custody.