Anal sex accident..

So last night me and my boyfriend had a few drinks.. both feeling good we went into the bedroom from the couch to be more comfortable. So we were having sex all that fun stuff i got on top and i was going at feeling wonderful and than all of sudden i moved and it went right into my ass. . To mention my man is pretty big. I instantly got up and went to the bathroom because i thought i was going to throw up . I felt weak because it hurt and it was stinging and sore . So after i cryed in the bathroom because i well honestly it really hurt . I went to bed . But this morning i woke up still really sore im fine if im sitting or walking but to get up and done and move just hurts. There was a little blood last night .

Is this normal . Im 27 and have never had anal .. i also thought it sounded hot but after last night and that pain .. no thank you .

How long should i expect to be sore for šŸ˜• what can i do to help it .