Am I tripping?

Before we get it this yes I ended my relationship! It was just toxic(to me). I have had trust issues with that man because he wasn’t faithful and then get mad once I find out and play the victim like I’m the one who’s insane. Baby mothers and all random girls trying to talk to them, flirt and ect. Well we have been trying to get passed it because he refuse to want break up as if he wanted to try and make things better. This has been going on for a year. What’s bothering me is I hardly ever go out because I’m working full time and paying all the bills as he is currently trying to find a new job. He has a job yes but doesn’t make even a 100 in a week. He gives me 20 every week that’s all the rest he spends on weed. Btw before anyone says well why didn’t I put him out. I tried that plenty of times but his name is on the lease! But what’s making me become very tired of this relationship. Or relationshit I should say is because when I try to communicate on what’s bothering me he gets defensive and just say I don’t want to talk about it anymore. We was talking about the club and I said I won’t feel comfortable with you going to the club( because of his past) and he was like well I guess I can’t go anywhere just stay in the house( he was being smart) let’s remind you again that I really don’t go anywhere but to work but if I go to the store he wants to come or know where I’m at which I don’t have a problem with but when I do it with him he stays leaving out and I always ask where he’s going just in case something happens. if I’m not at work. He will literally text me where you at all the time if I don’t come home in time. I told him if you have a problem with me not liking you going to the club we can break up I’m not making you do anything but if I don’t like something you should respect it. Same goes for me I don’t do anything he doesn’t like. He acts very jealous at times and me going out somewhere makes me uncomfortable because he will have an instant attitude. I’m over it. I’m always respecting him but he something act like he doesn’t give a shit.

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