Ok.. So I had my first (ever!) positive yesterday and it was surreal.. I cried.. We'd been ttc for 2 years and I shook, I trembled, I paced along in our house pure happyness and releave.. My body does work!

Now I feel strange.

I'm really really happy

A bit worried it won't stick

But most of all.

I feel weird having a 'due date' all of a sudden

And having to call my obgyn 😅

I know it's stupid.. I've been waiting and wishing for this moment and I feel like I prepared a million things.. And I don't even know the basics like when I call my obgyn.. Or who do I call.. Do I call my obgyn (she was expecting my call regarding fertility treatments so I think I'll call her anyways) but do I also make an appointment with my regular doctor? For bloodwork (AGAIN!) he's been getting my bloodwork done for all the fertility tests as well so it would be my 5th? Time in the last 2 months 😂