Cramping and period overdue?


Hey Glow Gang,

So my period was due yesterday, and I got really down earlier this week because I felt cramping - so I’m thinking ‘OK it’s not happening this month either...’

But now I’m late, the cramping isn’t as bad as I usually have it, and I’ve been really nauseous all week - even waking up feeling sick and having to eat a little something.

I have pregnancy tests, but we have a guest this weekend and I don’t want to take a test until it’s just the two of us incase it’s sad or incase I get excited and can’t keep it in.

So my question is - is medium level cramping common in early pregnancy, or is it likely my period is just late and cramping is less severe than normal? I guess I’m just thinking out loud, and I don’t want to get my hopes up 😕