Keeping track of cycle #4

Matea • M. Runge🍋

(Took this screenshot a couple days ago. 11/16/19)

We'll just GUESS that im around 5 dpo bc i had ovulation cramps (as i do every month) on the 10th.. Relaxed approach so we're not really timing anything or tracking with opk's. Im just guessing and keeping sort of a "diary" of my "kinda ttc" journey on here:)

So with that being said

1-4/5 dpo: nothing

4/5- 5/6 dpo: very sensitive (emotional) over small things to the point where i have to tell myself to just get over it. Things my husband literally says or does ALL THE TIME is really getting under my skin today.

Alot of lotiony cm. (Alot for ME anyway seeing as i dont usually get much to begin with) very tired and took a 3 hour nap (i did wake up super early so that MAY be it but i wont leave it out) FREEZING all day. The heat is on in the house and im bundled up as we speak when apparently nobody else here is cold😂

Not symptom spotting. I am relaxed and cool as a cucumber about it this month. I honestly don't feel like i hit the mark this time but you never know! Anyway, lmk what yall think about my dates and if yall have been having any symptoms/ had these symptoms when you were pregnant. Its nice to be able to talk about these things❤ Baby dust to y'all✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨