Another month

So I had my hysteroscopy this month. And all was clear. Also had all my test and my husbands test come back normal. We were told to do <a href="">ivf</a> bc there’s just no reason she can see as to why we haven’t conceived. I have 3 oldies kids He has non. And yes I’m about 13 yrs older then when I was last pregnant, 40. But I was hopeful that after the hysteroscopy the rumor would be true and I’d get pregnant. Also had super optimal cm right when we were intimate. My mom even had not one but 2 dreams about me having a child. I’m symptom spotting so much but this am I take a test and it’s negative and I look and see a little blood. Now I think I’ve just started my period. I’m so depressed. It’s been about 2 years and no answers as to why is even worse.