Wouod you be mad?

Okay so the father of my child and I are not together and he has a child from a previous relationship a little girl which is absolutely fine. I have his mother on social media to exchange pictures of him as I thought it was a nice thing to do considering she live miles away and has only seen him once since he was born. She doesn’t have her granddaughters mum on social media as my sons father doesn’t get on his his daughters mum. My son had his very first Christmas pictures taken and I had shared them with her and her friends began commenting on how beautiful they were and what a handsome boy he was so naturally I’m filled with maternal pride. His mum then started commenting things like “yes (my sons name) and his sister are both so beautiful” “yes he’s perfect..... as is his sister what a beauty” Now I don’t mind her mentioning her granddaughter but these are my son’s very first Christmas pictures it’s supposed to be something special just for him as her Christmas pictures would just be about her. She never mentions my son when there are pictures of her granddaughter shared on social media. So in all honesty I’m very annoyed that she won’t let him have a moment that’s just about him for once even the pictures of him when he’s first born were all about her granddaughter. Am I wrong to be mad?