What is it?


Okay y'all... I need people with good eyesight and that are familiar with ttc. I need honesty. Am i seeing something that isn't there??? And if I'm not, what the hell is going on?!

Back story... And i apologize for the length 😅

I have either pcos or endometriosis. I am not on bc. I don't ever want to be. I fixed my periods the holistic way so that i could get pregnant with my 1st. After she was born i let it go but then started up again after stupid long and painful cycles. So i was good. Except for this cycle. Usually the pills i take (soy isoflavones) shorten my cycles from 75-140 days to 34 - 40 day cycles. Which is a great improvement! Until that time came around in my cycle this month. No period. I was like hmm? Did a test. I didnt see a line initially and didn't feel good so i just threw it in the trash and went to bed. The next day idk why but i checked it and there was a thin faded line. That was last Sunday the 10th. Okay so with my daughter i also had a super faint line at 12DPO (i was temping and everything, my temp spiked so that's what prompted me to take the test) and the line kept getting darker with every pee i did. Nbd i just waited and did more tests. It's been 6 days and ive had about 7 tests with that same faint line. I've used the 99 cent test and ive used the First Response Early Result tests and all of them have the faintest of lines. Hardly even visible by camera so i wont post them. So i read up on it and came to the conclusion that it must be a chemical pregnancy and that i would end up having my period because i had a day of pretty intense cramping. Except that i hadn't gotten it and was having so much ewcm (tmi sorry lol) and the cramping went away so i did a test today and this time the line was more visible. You can even see it in the tweaked photo! My question is... Is that a bfp? Is it an indent? Evap? Is it even possible to have 7 consecutive evaps with different brands? And if it's not a bfp, where's my period? 😭 im on day 62! I obviously know the only thing i can do is wait and test even more lol but does anyone else see it? Opinions? Im not ttc my daughter is barely gonna be 1 this week but i wouldn't be upset at all if i got pregnant effortlessly!! ❤ thanks y'all!

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