Failed induction


Went in last night at 7:30 for an induction, they hooked me up to the monitors... I was showing contractions on my own so they started cytotec to soften the cervix—- has to stay laying for 2 hours contractions were 2/3 minutes apart, when I started I was 1’cm and about 40% effaced... had contractions steady until I finally fell asleep from 3am-5:30 am, when I woke up contractions picked back up and were 2 minutes apart lasting a minute so they didn’t want to do another round of cytotec so they held off for a little while before starting pitocin... baby handles everything really well—- was upto the max pitocin around 4pm and the whole time cervix was only dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced! So they sent my husband and I home for a failed induction! As first time mom and dad we are ready to meet our baby but the doctor said if my body isn’t ready they don’t want to force it and lead to a csection! We have to go back Monday night to try again!! Right before we left I went pee and lost my mucus plug (which they said I probably already lost) say some prayers that labor does its thing on its own- I was only induced because my doctor doesn’t like you going too far over 41 weeks for numerous reasons! At least we will get some sleep tonight!!!!