Family not understanding of a baby?

Kelsey • 💏 1.4.14 👼 3.17.18 🌈 3.21.19

Or am I just too uptight? My family keeps making comments that when they had babies, they didn't worry about naptime and bedtimes.... That my baby can only sleep good in his crib because I didn't get him used to sleeping elsewhere and in noisy environments. I tried, I loved the idea of having a baby with me on life adventures, but it just never turned out that way.... I am not a very structured and routine person, but I feel like my son has made me this way, lol. I don't feel like I'm uptight at all, I just read my baby's cues and I've always gone to families houses and stayed all day even though my son sleeps like total crap at their houses. I've done this since he was a newborn, I can't help but to think it's just who he is but everyone makes me feel like shit and saying I'm uptight. It's starting to piss me off.

Is this a common issue? Do parents forget what it was like having babies or are they just inconsiderate of my way of raising my baby? Now that my son is older, we do a lot more and he is wayyyy more flexible now. He still only sleeps well at home though and I'm the one that suffers at night with frequent wakings if he napped poorly. Do some mom's just not have these issues? Lol.