I got my BFP! 🤰🏼

We haven’t taken precautions to avoid getting pregnant in three and a half years. Some times we wanted it really bad and others we were okay if we weren’t. I got to the point that I had kind of accepted that I wasn’t going to have children. Started focusing on myself and my relationship. We got engaged and went on vacation together for the first time and did a lot of firsts together. (Ex. Flying, going to the beach, out of the country etc.) Got engaged in September, vacation in October, and my fiancé’s birthday was the 8th of this month. I felt bad the whole week before, throwing up everyday. My coworkers kept telling me I was pregnant and to take a test. I was in denial. Every other time something like this would happen I’d convince myself that they were right and I was pregnant but I didn’t this time. The morning after my fiancé’s birthday I was making stuffed croissants, opened up a thing of pepper jack cheese and immediately threw up. That’s when I decided I might need to take a test. I never really thought it would be positive but it was! I got my BFP!