Why can’t I walk away...


I’ve been knowing this guy for a year now, we’ve been talking since August. We work together, and he used to date another girl at my job. Long story short, she used him and played him and was seeing other guys and he was so hurt over it. I was his friend and walked through the situation with him, and helped him to have a support system and know that someone did care. Eventually we started talking, but wanting to just work on building a stable foundation, but spent time together often and talked and of course we had sex. However, he drinks and when he does, he will distant himself, accuse me of being friends with the ex and trying to play him, and just say things that go against my character. I’ve been here for him, in anyway needed just to be genuinely a good person because I’ve been left by people who swore they would be here at my worse, and didn’t want to just leave him because he was still hurting.

Well Thursday, he chose to accuse me of having “a problem”, which I didn’t and when I reached my job he was shutting the door and ignoring me. So I left early to go get my daughter for an appointment, and he took that as I was “running” from the invisible issue, and we didn’t speak since then. He called me today and just went in on how I was a spoiled bitch, who wanted people to kiss my ass and I’m too nice and what he has isn’t for me.. he compared me to the last girl (who burned him with black and milds and cheated and used him for money), and said I’m a little girl and I let people use me... it hurt because I came into this with pure intent and didn’t even care if we ever got into a relationship because I just was trying to help him as friend since I’ve been there before and didn’t have anyone to support me. I know I should be over it, and I want to let it go but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care anymore... i have tried to not care about people, but I just am emotionally invested in those I really care for, friends, relationships, etc. I guess I just needed some advice or just some support.