Please help

Okay so my boyfriend and I are not new to sex, but we’ve gotten comfortable enough to start experimenting. We were both virgins before, so it’s not like either of us have any experience with this.

We don’t even know where to start. I mean I do know a few things that I like such as being choked and him being in control of me, but I’m not really sure what else.

We’re both just kind of like we’ll try anything once (except anal and anything inviting another person) but at the same time neither of us really have any ideas of what to try.

He doesn’t like the idea of watching porn to get ideas, so I totally respect that, but can anyone on here maybe give us some ideas of what to try?

I’m definitely more vocal about what I want versus him, the choking and being tied up and all that has all been my ideas.

We could really use some ideas. Thank you!!!