Feeling pretty shitty

So my brother-in-law is soon to be getting married. My husband will be standing up in the wedding as the best man. Today my husband asked me, “would you be offended if you didn’t stand up in the wedding?” And I said no. But then he told me his two other brothers were standing up along with their wives. So I’m the only wife that wouldn’t be standing up. I’m usually really easygoing but this hurts me so bad. His soon to be wife isn’t even that close with the other wives that are standing up. My husbands family has always been a bit funny with me. I think it may possibly be because we don’t come around as much because we both work a lot. But I feel pretty shitty and hurt right now. I understand that it’s their wedding and they have every right to choose who they want. It’s not like I’m going to make a big deal about it or anything. But do I have a right to feel bad?