Long story short

Danielle • First baby due April 2020 🤰🏻🥰

Long story short I’m having a baby with my ex. We broke up 4 years ago and “got back together” in January of this year when him and his fiancé broke up(or so he told me). He has major abandonment issues and can basically never be alone. Regardless he is the man I love and have loved for the past 8 years. I decided too many red flags had popped up and broke it off the day after getting pregnant. After I found out I was pregnant in August he seemed over the moon excited. Than things turned, weeks later he learned his “ex fiancé” was pregnant as well and was open from the beginning hoping to still have a relationship with me. I am due on April 9th (by conception date) and she’s due April 24th. I was not interested in a relationship with him because it entailed hiding from his family. He than from what I was told by him had a long talk with his ex fiancé and decided to still marry her. Not a problem at all. He had every right to change his mind. But he lied to me about it until the day before the wedding...

Me and him had continued to stay civil and friends through everything because why make things harder or more stressful than they have to be? Today they had their gender reveal. 6 days before mine. Which I was aware of and excited for him for. He really wants a boy (they previously have a daughter). Me and him picked out baby names together upon finding out I was pregnant. Today at their gender reveal they found our they are expecting another little girl. He’s happy regardless as a father would be. But in her announcement I saw something funny...they used my girl name. And it’s unique. So it’s no  coincidence... I had had that name for years (back when me and him dated). I had replaced it as my number one a few weeks ago but it was still my number 2 name... I’m just in shock... just needed to vent