4:30 & Up Crying


First off I’m 35 weeks and I keep waking up on my back which hasn’t bothered me until tonight. Tonight I woke up in a panic thinking I hurt her and started to get upset waiting for baby girl to move once I rolled back to my side. She’s moving fine now, thankfully 😪

And I’m scared I may be developing preeclampsia again (3rd pregnancy, had it with my first). I’ve been nauseous this last week or two and earlier this week I started having vision issues (sign of high blood pressure) but I couldn’t take my blood pressure because I’m at home when it happens and don’t have a cuff and definitely don’t want to be driving with blurry/messed up vision. At my 34 week appointment on Tuesday my blood pressure was still in the normal range but a bit on the higher side so maybe that’s got me worried?

All I know is I’m laying here crying feeling my baby girl moving around and thinking I’d better get my baby go bag ready.. 😓