Should i be worried?

Last night after my boyfriend and I went hiking we were chilling on the couch he was telling me about his friend and his new girlfriend. While he was telling me the friend texts and he turns hands his phone to me and asks me to read the messages to see if I could make sense of what he was saying after I explained I handed it back and he goes to the screen where all his messages are and that’s where I see two girls on do not disturb. One of the girls is someone he works with. Shes mentally disabled and has a crush on him so she messages him all the time so i know I have nothing to worry about there because it’s harmless. The other girl is someone he knows through dog training class at petsmart. I have seen her name before and have expressed that I get tired of seeing her text him. When I brought up why she was on do not disturb he replied with “she’s on do not disturb because she disturbs me and because I didn’t want her texting and causing problems between us” he’s told me over and over that there is nothing going on between them and they’re just friends. I don’t know if I should be worried or not. I’m so extremely lost and comfused 😞

Psa Val is a friend of both me and my bf. She’s very honest and straight forward with me I always go to her if I feel like I may be in the wrong or overreacting.

Also the reason I said I was getting to the point I never wanted to hear from him was because I tried to talk to him and the more the conversation went on he got more aggravated and hateful. Said mean things, became extremely rude to the point he made me cry and left my house. He’s not the type of person who likes conflict and instantly shuts down when it happens.