Scared and feel stupid

So on 11/11 I decided that I was going to have sex with this guy that I have been texting a whole year mind you he goes MIA allot but he blamed it on he going through allot with his baby mama so Monday We’re texting nonstop and I decided to go to his house I went and we had sex well prior to us having sex we had the talk about not using condoms which I was iffy about but since he showed me the papers I was ok because he’s clean well we had sex 4 times that night with no condom the next day he was texting not as much letting me know his whereabouts then Wednesday he sent me a kiss good morning told me about his problem with his baby moms Friday no text from him I texted him asked if he’s ok he replied yes I’m ok and I said ok I guess I will leave you alone then since he’s been acting distant I didn’t hear from him allday Saturday but I see that he read my text should I not text back what should I do mind you I been feeling very weird like I feel nausea mood swings are crazy I been constipated and hungry is it to early to find out I’m pregnant