Sure my body is messing with me


I’m apparently 13DPO today but with an irregular cycle who knows. I’ve been feeling off for the past 2 weeks, cramps, headaches, feeling sick, really tired. Took a test today and it was negative! I know your not out until AF arrives and according to glow now due until tomorrow but I wish she’d just show up already so I can discount this month.

I’m so in two minds with the off feelings I really feel like I am pregnant as I don’t normally get those with my periods but also feel like we didn’t BD enough for my irregular cycle 🤦🏼‍♀️ last month was 29days and previous two were 33 days so we tried to go with those but previous to that is was alot longer 😢

No real point to this post but please send positive vibes, we really want a sibling for our little boy xxx