Did my water break?


I’m almost 35 weeks, I woke up this morning noticing my vaginal area was a little more wet then usual (thought maybe just more discharge while I slept or more noticeable since I slept naked) but then I got up, went pee, wiped, no big deal. And then went into the kitchen, stood at the fridge and then noticed there was liquid in my pants (that I just put on) and a little running down my leg... so I went to the bathroom and wiped and there was clear mucous discharge as usual (not too much but it was there) and a little liquid, like the toilet paper was wet as if I’d peed but not yellow.

I put on a pantiliner to try and monitor it and see if there’s more and how soon there is more, but can a water even break like this? This early? Have any of you experienced something similar??