Krystal • just a married 20 y/o

Omggggg !!! I just remembered this from seeing one of yalls post !!

In th 6th grade it was my 3rd period I have to say .. I didn’t know much about periods. But I had no idea what the hell I was doing so my dumb ass liked using panty liners *slaps forehead* and one day I was sitting in class and I had swiped my hand across my bum to feel if I had bleed through my pants cos it I was feeling like I was bleeding a lot more . And when I looked At my hand I wanted to cry. I noticed that there was quite a bit of blood. And I was SO afraid to get up and leave the class. So my stubborn ass just sat there. I had taken out a baby wipe from my pack pack and cleaned my hand off (so gross). Then I proceeded to take a notebook I had and slipped it under my bum because I was afraid to get it on my chair . So I had waited till class ended . I had also waited till everyone had gotten up and left before me.

When I stood up i literally thought I was gonna bleed out and die , because I COULD FEEL SATANS WATERFALL OF DEATH STREAM OUT OF ME! 😨😰 I took some extra baby wipes and hand sanitizer and cleaned off my chair (even though there wasn’t much on there), and grabbed my bag AND HELD THAT NOTEBOOK TO MY ASS FOR DEAR LIFE. 😭

And RAN MY ASS TO THE CLOSEST LADIES ROOM. As soon as I got in there I pulled my pants down and started to cry because my first 2 periods weren’t as heavy. I was probably in there for a solid 20 minutes crying. Because #1; it seemed like so much blood to me at the time. And #2; I HAD NO BACKUP CLOTHES !!!!! Or a phone to call my mom.

So I waited till the halls were empty and ran to the nurses office and asked to call my mom. And they had noticed me crying, so they asked what happened and I told them. And they were all ladys. So they all hugged me and confronted me till my mom got there to pick me up.

There’s more but lmk if you guys want to hear it :) AND FEEL FREE TO LEAVE AN EMBARRASSING PERIOD STORY IN THE COMMENTS BELOW !!