Last night I tripped on lsd

The night before my boyfriend tripped while I was sober. It was a lot of fun. Tons of laughter and good times. It was like dealing with a toddler đŸ˜‚

Last night was my turn. I took one tab vs his two and it was nice.

I'd done lsd before but got a totally different trip this time.

No colors, no morphing, no hallucinating at all. Lights flickered some but that's about it.

What I felt was a party in my head. It was so loud! If have conversations with my boyfriend in my head and then talk out loud to him and he had no idea what I was going off about.

We showered and he had to bathe me because I literally couldn't do anything at that point in time.

I was also stuck on the thoughts that I was just a a speck in space and time floating on a giant rock in nothing. I just exist to get though this life, be happy and do as much as I can before its all over. I had a realization that life truly is too short to not do what you want whenever.