Right now im struggling with depression and anxiety and currently don't work. But yesterday we didnt fight but we just just said our sides and it didnt really get resolved and i wanna vent just to see if im crazy for thinking he was TOTALLY wrong. My bf seems to think that after the baby is here that after he works 12 hours he shouldnt " have to " do diapers because he worked. My side is, if im home all day doing it should I get a break? Alsooo, he drinks and ive been telling him he needs to slow down and eventually stop by the time the baby is here. His mentality is hes getting all his drinking in now and not really slowing down at all, im scared he's not going to stop or slow down and i grew up with my mom being a drunk and not saying he's gunna act like she did but am i right for being scared he's not gunna stop? Im just about 6 months pregnant