Wasn’t expecting this- 5 months postpartum

My period was supposed to come on Saturday, and I didnt think anything of it when it didnt show because Im on birth control. I have a baby that turns 5 months tomorrow, and my sister had a friendsgiving thing on Saturday. First time I had my mom watch my baby for the night and I drank. Yesterday (Sunday) i threw up and felt tired the whole day. I thought maybe i was hungover. Today still no period so I test as my partner said jokingly “maybe you’re pregnant”. Then i get this:

Im in shock, I’m bot sure how to react or what I feel. I have no answers. I sent it to my partner as he’s at work and all he said was “you can’t be pregnant right now.”

I don’t blame him for saying that, we have a five month old. But I’m not sure if I can have an abortion. Im pro choice but after having two miscarriages before my rainbow baby I dont think I can ever end a pregnancy willingly unless there’s something wrong. That’s just me personally. But my estimated due date is July 27, 2020. 1 month and 1 week after my baby’s birthday. And i feel so bad for drinking even if im not thrilled about pregnancy because what if I hurt it ? I never thought Id feel this way about being pregnant. I want another baby but i dont know about so soon. Im so lost. Any advice or kind words are appreciated