He cheated on me multiple times but we’re back together 🤦🏽‍♀️

Well my babydad would text girls I would find out he just did a lot of shit even when we were on a break trying to work it out also he still would be messing with girls I found out when looking thru his messages. Also when I was pregnant with our son I heard by someone he was talking to other females & hanging out with other females. While we were not talking for a couple of weeks he randomly sent me a video of him slapping a females ass out of nowhere it really hurt me so I went out & had sex with someone but only once ! After that I didn’t really talk to the dude I didn’t even feel good after I kept thinking about my baby dad our sex is amazing so I just felt horrible after. My baby dad decided to hit me up a few days after I did that trying to fix things saying he wanted to work it out again so I tell him what I did being honest he freaks out but guys I only fucked with someone else ONCE ! He has messed with so much females also underage girls I heard he got this one 15 year old pregnant that she had to have an abortion 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ he’s 20 I heard he ate a 16 year old pussy she told me herself I even seen messages between them she told me that’s all they did then he started messing with his ex who got him in jail before again they were together for 3 years he was using her for her car & for money that’s what he told me cause he says she’s so ugly. Ugh well y’all this is all I think about I even have dreams I’m pregnant with twins 21 weeks now by him & its driving me crazy everytime he leaves I just think he’s messing with those females. Like it’s a gut feeling I just think he’s doing the same as before & it hurts because I’m so loyal when I tell him how I’m feeling he’s like “yeah that’s how I know you’re doing something “ thinking I’m cheating always . I hate thinking about all these girls the shit I heard it keeps running thru my head driving me crazy there’s so much more he has done telling me other females pussies are better than mine I just don’t feel good enough I know we’re doing good now & back together but this shit is all still what I think about it’s stressful so stressful. I don’t even know why I got back together with him because he had broke me so many times when we were just working it out not together but I’m not trying to get hurt again. I still feel like I’m hurting I feel like I’m in competition my trust is all messed up now especially now I’m pregnant with twins I’m all big already 131 lbs now guys I just feel so ugly rn just knowing he will cheat again I just have this feeling .