Emerson has arrived!


Emerson drew arrived 11/14 at 4:19am. 18.5” and 5lbs 13oz. Born at 39w1d. Just made it home yesterday due to jaundice. So in love.

Had a brutal early part of labor. Wasn’t dilated so it took two doctors and an hour to manually stretch me to one cm. Even with pain meds it was 10/10 pain to the point that I was vomiting. Once in, the Foley balloon somehow partially dislodged and was causing severe pain and vomiting. Finally got approved to get my epidural going but was really hard because I couldn’t stop getting sick from the pain to have the doctor safely insert the catheter. But once that epidural was in, labor was a breeze. Had a second balloon inserted and had 12 overall hours with the balloon in that only got me to 2 cm. I sat at 2 cm for 8ish hours. Then in 1.5 hours jumped to 5. Baby’s heart rate was dipping so I was under a lot of monitoring. About an hour after getting to 5, my doctor came to tickle her head to make sure her heart rate was able to jump at stimulation and she was shocked to see I was already at 10! Had to wait an hour for baby’s heart rate to stabilize and was ready to push. She popped out in just 3 pushes in 9 minutes!