Big brother meets baby sister


My almost 3-year-old son met his baby sister yesterday. He wants to know how soon she will be ready to play hide and seek, and in the meantime, he would like her to watch cartoons with him. When she cries, he tells me to calm her down and give her milk. She sleeps through his loud chaos, and I’m honestly shocked and relieved at how well the first night and day has gone at home with two kiddos.

I think with the first baby, I was so worried I wasn’t feeding enough or was feeding too often or wondering if the latch was okay, and then I’d check his breathing every 30 seconds. And this time, I feel like I have a handle on what I’m doing and I can breathe through it all. I know challenges will pop up, but it’s good to celebrate the victories.

Also, I’m so obsessed with my baby girl’s hair! It is so beautiful and all from her dad’s side. My son was such a blondie his first year that I was stunned when she came out of me! Lol 😂🥰😍

My son

My daughter Summer