On Wednesday I had an ob appointment to confirm pregnancy and the Dr had said there was a gestational sac! My husband and I were so EXCITED! I couldn’t hold back tears because the month before I had blighted ovum and it absolutely BROKE my heart. So hearing that the DOCTOR said she CAN see the gestational sac meant everything in the world to me. She gave me a goodie bag FULL of “WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD OF MOTHERHOOD” tote and a bunch of other exciting thing that we all think about when ttc.. they drew my blood to check my hcg and progestin levels and told me they would call me Thursday or Friday when they receive the lab results. The same day of my appointment (Wednesday) we had some friends over for a dinner and I had went to the bathroom and had so much blood draining from my body which I obviously knew wasn’t okay. I knew it was early pregnancy loss and was devastated. My husband sent everyone home and my night was just heart broken. I had to call the office today because they never called me to tell me the results and I was curious (OBVIOUSLY) and they went on to tell me my levels were NEGATIVE! I told them I thought this time was a chemical pregnancy but they insisted there was a gestational sac and told they told me (IN A “NO BIG DEAL” MANNER) “oh, looks like it was just a cyst in your uterus”. I have an appointment Wednesday that I decided to keep to talk to the doctor who got my hopes COMPLETELY up to try to understand more about this cyst. I have no idea if it affects fertility or anything the medical assistant on the phone seemed so irritated with me asking all of these questions while the dr was in the background explaining what to tell me rather than just getting on the phone herself and apologizing for getting my hopes up with a goodie bag and telling me everything is looking great! I’m so sad and want to give up all together in ttc. Thinking of switching OBs. What would you do in this situation? — there’s not much to do but I guess be upset.