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Hi all.

I have a toddler who will be two in March, I had her at 18 and got very lucky that she was healthy with no complications. I’m 20 now, and I found out I was pregnant in the beginning of October. I just went for my first ultrasound today and I’m 10w 3d. The person taking the ultrasound didn’t raise any concerns or mention anything to me during, but when the doctor saw me after she said that there were concerns with the baby’s skull, that it had no trace of bones. Im absolutely devastated. I can’t function properly without breaking down, I’ve called out of work today and tomorrow. It absolutely breaks my heart. Like “why me?”. After doing some research, the babies don’t live long once they’re born or they don’t live for the birth in general. I’m absolutely torn over the decision I’ll have to make. Do I term my pregnancy and feel like a murderer for being the one to take away my baby or do I try and carry full term and lose my baby in my arms? The thoughts are just killing me. Has anyone else gone through this?