Would You Still Sell Them To Him?

I sell things over Facebook and the app OfferUp. It's the only way at the moment that I can make some kind of side money.

So a few days ago I recieved some bras in the mail from Smart&Sexy and they didnt fit properly when I tried them on so I put them up for sale at a slightly lower price with the tags still connected to them.

A few days went by until tonight. A guy hmu asking about wanting to buy them.

I wasnt sure what he meant by help out. I dont know this man personally so he doesnt know my life situation or anything. So I kinda kept blowing it off. He asked what else I had for sale I told him I had baby clothes I've been trying to sell and he wasnt interested.

I dont even know what he ment by modeling to be honest or why he brought it up. I do take pictures and try to "model" but all my photos are private so I started to get some weird vibes from that. Something just wasnt and still isnt settling right.

Then he asked me if I would model which I assumed he ment me model for him(which is creepy asf). I was straight and honest with him but now I'm not sure I should sell them to him. Maybe it's a UM DUH DONT SELL THEM TO HIM HES OBVIOUSLY A CREEP, but I really could use the money.

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