I finally got the BFP I am so overjoyed and smiling from ear to ear. First I only been trying 5 months but trust me I know how irritating it is to not get what you want. The first 3 months I was a crazy person I made sure we baby danced at the right time, tempted everyday, came to Glo every second of the day and nothin still a BFN.

Enough was enough I just said forget it "kind of" lol I stopped doing temps I stopped worrying my brain and just lived my life. I still knew when I was supposed to ovulate so we just had sex more and it was good because I wasn't worried about getting pregnant.

During the tww I wanted to test because this time I knew it was more of just feeling.

I gave in at 10 dpo, 12dpo and even 16 all negative so I said I guess I'm out and I'm just late. Then yesterday I said you know what one more won't hurt, at this point I'm 10 days late and boom BFP 🥰🙌🏾!

I'm happy never give up And don't let no one get you down baby dust to everyone!

Fun fact I conceived on my hubby bday and due on mine 🥰🤣 July 2020


Nipples hurt really bad like to touch 😢

I got a could out of no where 🤢

Very very very sensitive to everything 😩

Extreme hunger just started 🍫🍪🍩

That has been really it!