Help 😭❤️


Ladies please help. Been TTC “naturally” aka without tracking my cycle but my hormones have been off for years since BC pills.

The last two months we really tried. BBT, OPKs, BD as much as possible etc. found out i ovulate CD17-19 each month. We BD like crazy and im currently 11DPO and got this this evening after holding as i thought i was out but couldn’t resist one more due to the last few days of disappointment. Is this what anyone had before???

I spotted the last 4 days as well. None today. But i thought i was out due to that! Been researching implantation bleeding and everything said no more than 3 days and super light.

9DPO i had nothing. I’m going to test again tonight and on an FRER w FMU tomorrow.

Also i’ve never been pregnant (to my knowledge not even a chemical) and literally just signed up w a clinic for an AMH test to start the ball rolling at a fertility clinic.

Bottom line... is this real??? Can it really be a real positive? Tested w a cheapie too and got a vvvvvfl and Lh strip as well and it was a bit darker (i just do them everyday as they’re so cheap).