Watery Cm the last two days 14 dpo


Yesterday i took a cheap pregnancy ( krogers brand ) test at 14 dpo and it was negative or looked invalid bc the lines didnt show throughout but my doctor pinpointed my ovulation exact day which was November 3rd & 4th( clear blue opk) well im of course late on my period and have all the symtoms. I was preg before and had chills & my gag reflexes was horrible. This time i feel chills, headaches, dizziness, constipation all on and off & my breast was soooo sore last week . I could not lay down on them. They hurt so bad i’ve never experienced that before. I threw up a few times but it always start with a cough . The last two days this has been happening. WATERY CM i literally feel like ima see it go down my legs when walking it seem so bad and when i go to the restroom its clear and hardly nothing compared to what it seems to be coming out. I’ve never felt this. What do u think?