The 2 Year Wait...


It feels like I'm under this black cloud right now.

I have had all the tests necessary to see what the issue is.. HSG, AMH, FSH, My period is clockwork, my ovulation strip always positive and as dark as it gets, I've had all sorts of blood tests, ultrasounds etc.. And NOTHING! nothing is wrong with me or my husband. Why? What are we doing wrong? Why is this not happening? I've tried to " just relax" I've tried the " let it go" the " it will happen when you least expect it" I've taken all the fertility supplements, changed my diet, bought all the fertility lubricants, read all the books, charted my temperature -- I've done it all. This is so hard, so overwhelming, so unfair, I can say every word in the dictionary but still - Nothing.

I've prayed to God, I've given up so many times. But there's my heart's desire that won't give up- to be a mom once again. To hold my baby in my arms, and look back at all of this as a distant memory.

For all those women who understand this, I am with you on this.