I’m over everything

So I had my last two week check up today so the nurse came in asked me why I didn’t do the 24 hour test , I wasn’t aware of that test so she explained to me Wht it was and what I had to do so the reason why I had to do the 24 hour test is because I refused the 3hr glucose test and I was off by 2 points and I told them what I ate for me to fail that test but they wasn’t hearing it , so my original dr wanted me to do the 24hr test where u pee in this container for 24 and get blood drawn so they can check my liver and and urine to see if my kidneys working well and all that good stuff so the the doctor that was in asked me why I refused the glucose test , and I told her why and she was very rude about the whole situation and after I told her why she says to me “ now u half to stick yourself till u have your baby “and then rolled her eyes like she had to do it , u don’t know how bad I wanted to tell her off but I just keep it cool so she left out the room, so the nurse came back in with the container and everything she said “u half to poke yourself 4 time a day for a week and do the 24hr test” she said the good thing bout it is if my levels a little off they can induce me and have my baby in my arms early but she said of course we don’t want it to be a little off but at the same time it’s a good thing because I don’t half to wait I’m just stressed out a little cause all this cause I refused to drink a nasty drink that I thrown up the last time and half to wait 3hrs just to get stuck 4 times because I was off by two points I’m just over everything!!! And my mom turns to me and say u need to have one more I looked at her and said “ one more what” and she says “ a baby “ is she insane I didn’t even have this one yet and now she already talking about #2 😳😂 oh nooo