Staying Faithful

I have had a rough go of it the last few months. My husband and I have been TTC for 16 months with no luck. I finally went to my OBGYN in August for help with infertility. To make long story short, this office was horrible. I went there about 6 times in 2 months for various testing... blood work, ultrasounds, follow ups, etc. with every time I went in having to wait an hour to be seen. Anyway, she had put me on one round of Clomid due to low progesterone levels that appeared to have helped to get my levels to where they needed to be. However, when I had to go back for my blood work, they lab tech had already left and they were rude about it.

I got fed up with the place and changed OBGYN. My new doctors is amazing. He did blood work testing on CD3 (which all came back as normal). Did the HSG procedure on CD11 (had slight scar tissue in the way, but otherwise looked good). Did CD21 blood work. And prescribed me Clomid for the next cycle. If a few rounds of this doesn’t work, I’ll be going to a fertility specialist in Feb.

I am staying faithful that this is all part of Gods plan. Good luck to all of those TTC!