First ultrasound

So... I had my first ultrasound today. I was so hoping to see a heartbeat, but nothing yet. The gestational sac measured at 6w 2d which is right on schedule. The tech was pretty sure she saw a yolk sac too.

This is my third pregnancy in 14 months. The first I miscarried at 16 weeks, the second at 5 1/2 weeks. I know it’s still a little early, but now I’m panicking that I have a blighted ovum.

I keep seeing all of these beautiful ultrasound photos of babies at 5-6 weeks with a fetal pole and a strong heartbeat!

I know I’m overreacting, and things may wind up being just fine... I’m trying to stay optimistic. But there’s a big part of me that is devastated right now. I think I had this mindset that today was the day I would finally get to see my baby and that this little one was going to make it.

Not having that confirmation today was really tough.

I go back again next week and will hopefully know one way or another.

My one week follow up went great! I was really worried because I did have some spotting over the weekend. But baby appears to be healthy. Heart rate is 136 bpm. I am so relieved!