Clear blue ovulation tests

Has anyone used the clear blue ovulation tests that only show no surge or a smiley for a surge? I have been using the ones with a circle, flashing smile and then a solid emily but my dr wanted me to use the ones that just show a circle or a solid smile this month for our <a href="">IUI</a>. But today when i went to test i peed in my cup. Then put both tests in my urine, one after another. The one with 3 options gave me a circle which i expected today since it is my first day for this cycle but the one with 2 results showed me the book on the screen. No result. So when i looked at the instructions all the reasons the icon could have shown didn’t happen so now i am up a creek. I am using both OPKs bc i don’t trust the new ones and this is just solidifying why i don’t but could it be that the test put something in my urine that made it not read the second test??