Idk what it is but it’s amazing

Picture below is not for the Squamish, Orr easily grosses out ppl ok? Ok.

So I missed one period for the first time in the 6 years I had it, (got it at 11 I’m 17 now). I missed last month and got my period this month; yay ig? At least I’m not pregnant. I wake up, go to pee and I feel something slip out of my vagina and behold this weirdness.

I don’t know whaat it is, I’m assuming the lining of my uterus? since I missed a period I guess this is just a normal thing, I’m thinking it’s getting rid of last months lining too? Anyways I wanted to share it with the app because my friends with benefits would be grossed out, typical guy, my best friends would gag, well because typical society for both genders to see this as nasty and because it is bloody so.

I truly don’t mind seeing I wanna work with dead body’s soo, just thought I’d share