Should I go incognito or keep tryna talk to him?

Long story short, this dude(19)and I(19)were flirting hard core and the two times I went to hangout with him things went really well (we made out and just cuddled and talked). He asked me to hangout the next day and then cancelled last minute to hang with his friends. For some reason, this or something else idk, triggered a depressive episode (I have medical depression but have had it under control for some time now). I went home and cried for two hours before finally going to sleep. First, I told him I didn’t appreciate being flaked on and I would ttyl and he said he was sorry and we could hang out the next day. I left him on read since I said ttyl and he asked why. I told him I wasn’t in a good state of mind and was trying to go to bed. After that he’s been weird. I tried to explain to him I didn’t want my negative feelings to being him down and I’m super into him. But I don’t think he believes me. He said he thinks we could be moving to fast emotionally (which is probably true and I agreed), and he thinks I’m cute and sweet too but is just confused why I acted so indifferent. I said I don’t usually let my depression get me like that but no w he’s acting different and idk what to do /: by different I mean he’s not flirting or tryna keep a conversation going and he said he’s just busy but he’s been busy before and was still flirty.

I’m really into this dude and I’m afraid I’ve ruined and chances :(

So basically, should I just back off and let him come to me and not post anything enticing on my social media? Or should I still try to talk/flirt with him?