Csection + Tubes Tied All together

Jane 💗 Baby Girl Due April 2020

Has anyone had a csection and got their tubes tide/burned all together? How was the healing? Would you recommend it, or would you do them separately? I’m considering this procedure this will be my 3rd csection. 1st was an emergency, 2nd was planned and all went smoothly. So hoping for the same the 3rd last time. My OB said the only symptom that any gets with getting the procedure done is regret or just sadness of that being taken away from you. Of course as anyone who has kids I would love to have many kids but physically and financially in the real world it’s not possible. And I already have 2 boys this is our lucky girl. And hoping to be the last one. I feel a little scared to do it together because I feel like recovery may be worse because of doing them together but also coming back to get reopen just doesn’t seem relight to do. Idk any advice will help! 🙂