Divorce/ child support

Okay little backstory. I left my abusive gaslighting narcissistic ex over a year ago. He tried to force me to get an abortion, called our daughter “it” the first few months of her life, told me the sight of me pregnant disgusted him, I made him have a family he didn’t want the whole nine yards. We always talked about having kids but she was a result of birth control failure. Even before I got pregnant there were TONS of red flags I stupidly ignored. Anyway this isn’t even the half of it. I finally saw my worth and got tired of feeling like I was as worthless as he would tell me I was everyday. I packed one giant suitcase got a one way ticket home to my family (2000 miles away) and took off with our then 10 month old. We were married but I was desperate to get away from him. I was stressed not eating barely weighed 95 pounds. Anyway he tried the whole I miss my family I want you back BS and he would try to be better. At this point I was in therapy and my therapist told me every single tactic men like him and would try. It was scary how accurate she was. I guess this is a common thing. Anyway I got my own apartment a great job and childcare set up for my daughter. I hired a lawyer and we are

In the process of divorce. Here’s the issue...he’s dragging it out. I pretty much agreed to everything he wanted to get this nightmare marriage over with. He asked to see our daughter one weekend every few months with his parents (they’re great people and completely took my side) which I was relieved that they would be there because he isn’t capable of taking care of her alone. He has had our agreement papers for almost two months and isn’t signing them because he doesn’t want to pay me child support....he hasn’t paid me $1 or provided anything but some toys on her birthday. She’s two now. Has anyone dealt with this? My lawyer says child support starts once our agreement is filed and unless I want to take him to court I won’t receive back pay. I guess I’m just venting, but curious if anyone else has dealt with this.